White River
Humane Society

of Lawrence County in Bedford, Indiana

WRHS Wish List

      Wish List
  • ·       Monetary Donations for
  • o   Shelter Operations and Medical Supplies 
o   Medical Fund for Special Cases
  • o   Kennel Renovation

    • Cat Litter, cheap non-clumping is ok!
    • Purina Kitten Chow or Purina Cat Chow
    • Pill Pockets for giving medications
  • ·       Liquid Laundry Soap

    ·       Bleach

    ·       Dish Detergent

    ·       Dog Toys & Cat Toys

    ·       Zip Ties and Carabiners

    ·       Blankets and towels

    ·       Empty aluminum cans to recycle

    ·       Office Supplies

    o   Copy paper

    o   Manila file folders

    o   Sheet Protectors

    o   Tape-Clear and Duck

    o   Walmart Gift Cards for printer ink


    We greatly appreciate donations of food and treats for our animals, but we currently DO NOT need cat or dog food or treats. We do always need Purina Kitten Chow though!

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