White River Humane Society

of Lawrence County in Bedford, Indiana

Donations go towards food, supplies, medications, and more. The animals thank you!

White River Humane Society
3511 Pumphouse Road
P.O.Box 792
, IN 47421 US
Phone: 812-279-2457
Website: www.whiteriverhumanesociety.org

A Pro-Life Shelter 

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Pre-register below by clicking on Donate on the left side of the page.  Then, email whiteriverhumanesociety@gmail.com letting us know you are registering for the Mutt Strut! You can also stop by the shelter and register Mon-Fri 10-5 or Sat 10-4!

Hope to see you there!

White River Humane Soc Inc


Macey is such a wonderful dog!  When her owners dumped her off, she was in bad shape.  She was pretty hairless, covered in fleas, skinny, and scared.  Now Macey is slowly growing her hair back, but she isn't completely there yet.  She does like to bark when inside her kennel, but that has nothing to do with her personality.  Once you get her outside of her scary kennel, she is a completely different dog.  When she is happy, her whole body just wiggles!!  She doesn't have a tail so her little bum just wiggles all over!  Macey has a story, but we may never know what it is.  She is a wonderful girl who just needs a chance.  She has had a lot of attention from people who think she deserves a chance and have helped out with her adoption, but she is still waiting to find her forever home.

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India is a sweet cat who has a story.  When she ended up at the shelter, she wasn't in the best of shape.  All four of her paws looked like they had been burnt, and she had a huge swollen bruise on her inside thigh/stomach.  After a while of doctoring up her feet and medicine, India's feet and belly were all healed.  Sadly, India will forever be reminded of what happened because she walks a little funny now.  That doesn't prevent her from being super loving though.  If you want to show India what a happy forever after feels like, check her out at the shelter!  Someone thought she was special and helped cover her adoption fee.

Our Mission
To care for the lost and homeless animals of Lawrence County, while providing education and services to the public that will lead to reducing the number of unwanted animals born in our community.

Prevent a Litter, Fix your Critter!
The White River Humane Society's mission is to end unwanted and abandoned animals in our community.  Each adopted animal that leaves our shelter has been spayed or neutered.
Keep in mind there aren't enough homes for all the litters born in Lawrence County, so please Spay or Neuter your pet.

Off Site Adoptions 
On select weekends volunteers take adoptable pets to PetsmartTractor Supply, and other locations, please call the shelter for more details. 

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

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