Ownership Reclaims

White River Humane Society provides the opportunity to reclaim your pet once it is brought in as a stray.  Any stray is held for 7 days, then once the holding period is up WRHS will put the stray up for adoption.  Proof of ownership must be provided to reclaim your pet including either vet records, rabies certificate, proof of purchase, or microchip. This is to protect your pet from others falsely claiming your beloved pet or worse.
Reclaim Fees are as follows:
$25 First Day (Includes required vaccinations)  for altered pet
$50 First Day (Includes required vaccinations) for unaltered pet
$10 Every Day After (Cover costs of housing the pet)
After the first reclaim, the reclaim fees will double with future pick ups.
Once reclaimed, if pet is not already microchipped, WRHS would gladly chip your pet which is covered by the reclaim fees.

Spay and Neuter

Partnered with Pets Alive Spay/Neuter Clinic, WRHS offers low cost spay/neuter services.

Dogs: male or female $65
Cats: male or female $35 

Rabies vaccines will be required if proof of certificate isn't given. Vaccines cost an additional $15.

Feral Community Male or Female Cat Package-$30 including rabies vaccine and ear tip  

The WRHS does transports to Pets Alive once every month. You drop off your pet, and Pets Alive will transport them to get fixed. For more information and exact dates, call the shelter. If you are 

Cremation Services

Animal Cremation Private-$100 Standard Fee up to 25 LBS.
Animal Cremation Private-$125 Standard Fee 25 LBS. to 75 LBS.
Animal Cremation Private-$150 Standard Fee 75 LBS. to 125 LBS.
Animal Cremation Private-$200 Standard Fee 125 LBS. to 200 LBS.
Non Return/Disposals are $.75 per LB.

Has your pet been microchipped?

The WRHS now offers low cost microchipping for $20 which is done at the shelter.  In order to have your pet microchipped at WRHS, proof of ownership must be provided such as vet records, proof of purchase, or rabies certificate.  (Please call the shelter for more details.) 
Benefits of microchipping your pets:

   * Microchipping is a permanent method of identification.
   * It is fairly painless for your pet.  The microchip is small and is injected with a
      needle similar to that of a vaccination.
   * There is a less chance that someone will steal your pet and get away with it.
   * Microchips help identify your pet.  If your pet is lost and ends up at an animal
      shelter or vet office, your pet can be identified and returned to you.
   * Identification information can be easily updated since the information is kept
      on a database, it is a simple matter to update your contact information  
      whenever you move or change phone numbers.   
   *There have been numerous cases where collars and tags have been lost, but 
     because of microchipping animals have been returned to their owners from ten
     miles to across the country. 

Get Your Trash Bags at WRHS

The White River Humane Society also sells trash bags year round to aid in shelter operating expenses. They are good quality trash bags and are available in three sizes.

13 gallon white kitchen trash bags 60 per roll
33 gallon trash bags 38 per roll
39 gallon trash bags 25 per roll

13, 33 & 39 gallon are only $10 plus tax per roll

30 gallon are on special for $6.50 plus tax per roll